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Minimizing operational downtime with the highest standards of safety and quality.

Blackstone continues to build the best team of experienced, highly skilled trades people with a strong culture for safety, quality and efficiency. At Blackstone we provide full machine and BOP healthcare and maintenance packages. We believe in continuous improvement and creating meaningful change in our clients approach to planned events. With an huge focus on useful documentation and work packages, Blackstone develops a historical library of the ongoing wins and lessons learned in every event. We strive to take knowledge from all of our clients events to improve all of our collaborations and to be more certain, prepared, and create reliability in your tactical plans. Shutdowns will always cost our clients downtime and money, our job is to minimize the impact and prove we are the best in class.


Services Include

  • Execution Readiness
  • PM Planning and Scheduling, manpower loading and logistics
  • Engineering Scope review and support
  • SAP Build and Scheduling
  • Spare Parts & Tooling Audits and health checks
  • Parts and special tooling kits
  • Management of all sub-contractual arrangements or Vendor Management
  • Procurement and management of materials
  • Repair Tracking
  • Shop & Field Continuity
  • Work packs
  • Field deployment
  • Intelligent cost tracking
  • Mechanical and Electrical execution
  • Reporting, Lessons Learned
  • Rinse/ Repeat
We tactically approach our client’s projects with the highest standards of safety and quality while meeting schedule, budget and productivity targets.