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Restore capacity to original or better performance standards and to reduce long-term operating costs.

Our service centre supports mechanically and hydraulically driven equipment associated with all major oil and gas industries, petrochemical, forestry, pulp and paper, mining, marine, and construction industries. Emphasis is put on preventive routines and inspections, predictive testing and analysis, adjustments and alignments, and planned equipment overhaul and replacement to maximize reliability and improve customer service. We service and repair all rotating equipment such as gearboxes, motors, fans, pumps, blowers, centrifuges, compressors, fluid couplings, and mechanical and hydraulic drives, and perform major equipment overhaul and replacement. The Blackstone Service Centre provides precision mechanical drive alignment, vibration analysis and thermography to ensure maximum equipment performance and energy efficiency, increased reliability, and to predict failure. Our service includes failure diagnostics and comprehensive reporting procedures.

Blackstone consistently works on delivering a culture of safety, integrity, and excellence. We proudly offer turn-key repair services for reciprocating compression, pumps & power transmissions.

Shop features

  • 25 ton lifting capabilities

  • (2) 15 ton cranes

  • (3) 10 ton cranes

  • (4) 5 ton cranes

  • Power Transmission test bench with 200hp motor on VFD drive, accompanied with forced lubrication system.

  • State-of-the-art electrical and mechanical runout system

  • Shaft and component balancing from 1 lb to 40,000 lb

  • In-house NDE

  • Lathe services up to 60” in diameter, 26′ length & 30,000lbs.

  • OMAX Water Jet table, 5 axis, penetrate and cut up to 11” mild steel,

  • 5’ x 10’ table CNC milling and turning with Mastercam software Manual milling & turning In-house or on-site repairs, rebuilds and refurbishment.

  • Rotating equipment specialists

  • A workforce dedicated strictly to rebuilds.

  • A large parts supply department.

  • Extensive connections and the ability to source new equipment & parts directly from OEMs.

  • A dedicated rebuild area & clean zone

  • Jobs completed with the highest level of quality & craftsmanship.

  • Quick turnarounds