Dynamic Balancing

All machines have some form of residual unbalance. Unbalance in rotating machinery can cause vibration, high levels of noise, and significantly reduce the life to of components. All pumps, centrifuges, and fans should be balanced to a G 2.5 standard or higher. At Blackstone Repair Services we use dynamic balancing to ensure your machinery is working properly and minimize downtime. Our in-house method can balance any rotating part up to 3600 rpm. Following a high-speed balance at our shop, technicians carefully review results to ensure that any unbalances have been corrected and will not affect the future performance of the rotor.

Benefits of Dynamic Balancing

  • Vibration reduction/elimination
  • Increased performance
  • Reduce wear and tear of moving components
  • Extended motor life
  • Noise reduction

Our dynamic balancing equipment is designed to extend the working life of your rotating equipment.