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Your equipment works hard for you. It deserves proper care and maintenance.

Blackstone offers all encompassing asset management for all API rotating equipment. We work directly with our associates at Compression Service Technology—a design engineering and consulting company with over half a century of experience in leading-edge technology devoted to rotating equipment (compressors, pumps, steam and gas turbines).

We are strategically positioned to offer services that complement and support our highly skilled field expertise, which translates into tangible value for customers, from the tools to the bottom line.


Services Provided

  • Failure analysis, RCA & FEA
  • Asset information, drawings and manuals
  • Remote monitoring & diagnostics
  • Thermodynamic & mechanical study
  • Acoustic pulsation, vibration & torsional analysis
  • Feasibility of operation & modelling
  • New machine design and manufacturing
  • Rerate and optimization
  • Component reverse engineering and supply
  • Technical advisory and field service engineering
  • Proactive maintenance planning
  • Training

We deliver real value for our clients, from the tools to the bottom line, extending the working life of many healthy and orphaned units.