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We construct our clients’ projects with the highest standards of safety
and quality while meeting schedule, budget and productivity targets.


Blackstone provides a full scope of electrical, instrumentation and automation services to manage major projects from initial plant construction to commissioning and start-up. We follow our clients through hand-off and into the maintenance and shutdown lifecycle of all assets.

Our E&I Specialists manage fast-tracked projects efficiently with project kick-off, scheduling and planning, and with pre-wiring of modular skids. We follow the project through to field installation with commissioning, start-up to final completion.

At Blackstone, we utilize a central purchasing department, which enables us to purchase materials in bulk. This large volume buying power equals lower material costs for our clients. In addition, we provide our clients with material handling, scheduling, and on-time delivery.

At Blackstone, we offer ongoing support programs specifically tailored to the needs of our customers. We develop and/or adapt to existing preventative maintenance programs to help reduce costs and improve operating efficiencies. Our reputation is built on our service. Our staff is on call 24 hours to help our clients minimize downtime and keep their facilities and equipment in operation.

All Blackstone E&I tradespeople are OEM trained to provide our clients with the expertise to service their equipment and facilities efficiently.

Our Project Management teams are trained in MS Project and Primavera to manage our client’s construction & maintenance needs with scheduling, material delivery, labour productivity and cost reporting.

  • E&I Services Provided
  • Reliable 24 Hour On-Call Service
  • Processing Facilities – Grassroots and Expansions
  • Facility De-commissioning
  • Wellsite and SCADA/RTU Installations
  • Modular Skid Wiring and Tubing
  • Control Panel Fabrication
  • PLC upgrade and retrofit installations
  • 4160 V Drives, Motors and Terminations
  • Medium Voltage (15 KV to 25 KV) Power Distribution and Terminations
  • Transformer installations
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • On-site stator rewinds
  • On-site stator and field repairs, such as re-wedge or insulation repair, etc
  • Test & Inspects, includes hi-pot, megger, wedge tap, dlro, el-cid, etc
  • Stator restacks
  • Coil/bar replacements
  • Block and tye repair and modifications
  • Switchgear
  • Servicing Pneumatic and Electronic Controls
  • Calibrations – Fire/Gas/Transmitters/Meters
  • Burner Systems
  • Volumetric and Gravimetric Field Meter Proving
  • Two and Three Phase Portable Test Separators
  • Glycol Heat Tracing MI and Self Regulating Heat Trace Installations
  • Fibre optic cable Installation and testing
  • Cable Tray, Conduit and Raceways
  • Teck Cable installation