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More than an instrument shop with laptops.

Getting the most out of your investment

Existing systems benefit from our comprehensive auditing, which will allow you to predict and correct many concerns or issues before they cause downtime or loss.

Today’s automation systems are capable of amazing things. We continuously find state-of-the-art systems developed with an out-dated mindset and a limited understanding of modern computing technologies. Our E&I specialists provide value far beyond a system integrator’s to optimize your machine to its full capability.

Modern automation systems require talents in multiple areas to maximize their effectiveness
  • Hardware to design the most capable system.
  • Software to achieve the best possible results.
  • Communications and networking to achieve
    plant connectivity.
  • Computer systems to put dependable HMI stations in place.
  • Knowledge of process to optimize.
  • The ability to have a technical conversation with an IT department.
  • Knowledge that technology is always changing and continuous professional development is necessary.

We create automation with operator usability, effective control and efficiency in mind. We know your system needs support over its entire lifecycle; from design and development to maintenance and upgrades, we are there to provide complex support and expertise in all aspects of your control systems.